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Energy Cone Technique

About Tom Wynn

Excerpt from an interview with Steve Collins of the AMT in July 2006

What about the history of ECT and the journey that lead to its creation - how did it come into being and where did it all begin?

I went to sea in 1956 as a deep sea Radio Officer. I bought a book on palmistry to while away the long idle hours at sea and became a “fair-ground” palmist, ie I told people what they wanted to hear. But my readings began to be “good” and people came to me for readings to help them make life changing decisions. It made me anxious, so I gave it up.

I took it up again, for fun, after my wife died in 1992. I became a hypnotherapist in 1998, and did all of the workshops and courses available, usually twice, TFT , EFT, TAT, AFT, TAB, EMDR, Freeway AMBIT, Parts Therapy, Time-Lining, Basic Perception, BSFF, and others, as well as becoming a Reiki master, and other hands on therapies, Cranio-Sacral, Bowen, Indian Head Massage, Paul Newcome’s Gentle Touch, Metamorphic Technique, Manual Lymph Drainage, and Applied Physiology.

I am certified to teach Hypnotherapy, EFT, TAT, and PLRT (Past Life Regression Therapy). I have rubbed shoulders/dined/had discussions with Callaghan, Craig, Yapko, Bannister, Nims, Brooks, Howard, Bandler, McKenna, Bodenheimer, Keaney and many others.

At the first European Energy Psychology conference in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 2001, I read Tarot and palms in the evenings “fun” time. I was reading a lady’s palm when a mark on the palm looked like it might be an ink mark. Marks on the palm are significant to palmists, so I rubbed the mark to see if it could be erased but instead she went into an abreaction. At the same time she clamped her other hand on her tummy. Also at the same time I could feel an eruption of energy in my finger tip.

I knew how to handle abreactions, so allowed it to abate. As it did so the energy volcano under my finger faded, and when the abreaction was over her hand fell away from her tummy. I was vastly relieved, and went on with the reading.

I moved my finger to another spot on the palm, and the volcano came up again, she went into a milder state than before and her hand went to a different place on her tummy. This happened again, then the reading ended. The lady was extremely tired, and relaxed. This was an uptight lady, and her relaxed state caused comment. Others presented their palms and I did exactly the same with the palm, and got the same result.

I knew I was on to something, but didn’t quite know what it was. I started using the technique to explore my new discovery. I gradually came to realize that I was working with the way nature encodes learnings in the body. The nature of trauma is simplicity itself, how it enters the body, how it becomes encapsulated and how it can be “voided”.

Using ECT is like drilling for oil. Focusing on the energy is like striking oil, the pressure drives the oil out in a gusher. The pressure in the cyst is higher than the area around it, so must leave via the drill of intent. As I explore the limits of ECT, I find the horizons widening, and there seems to be no limit to its uses. I used it on 2 ex-presidents of ACEP and was invited to present at the 2006 conference. My presentation was a wow, the biggest breakout session at the conference.

You seem to have put a lot of effort into researching the science behind your technique, something many people will appreciate - was it important for you that people understood that part of the process and why ECT works so well?

When I became a hypnotherapist in 1998 I was unhappy because there was no real way of telling precisely what was happening in the clients body. All the meridian energy and hands-on therapies and techniques added to my appreciation of the energetic workings of the human body, but it was the Cranio-Sacral technique gave me the final piece of the jigsaw.

This technique can actually locate the energy cyst itself exactly where it lies in the body. This is the key to the ECT. When the brain engages in a problem the cranial rhythm stops, and restarts when the problem is over. That gives the ECT 4 independent measuring devices, 2 of which cannot lie, or be manipulated. They are:
1. The cranial rhythm which stops and starts;
2. The vibrational energy of trauma itself which is felt in the finger tip (these cannot lie);
3. Muscle testing or idio signaling which answers yes/no questions and is very reliable but can be manipulated if required, and
4. The SUD system, subjective units of disturbance, reliable but can also be manipulated.

It is my passion to have this new approach understood, and known. This technique becomes almost part of the therapist as its operational simplicity and effectiveness changes your perspective on the body, and its energy system.

What would you say were the pivotal moments for you in forming your current understanding of the human energy system and how we can work with it?

The first moment of truth was the time in Lucerne, Switzerland, when I brought on the abreaction with the touch of a finger during palmistry. That brought the awareness of the special energetic relationship between the skin and the cyst in the body.

The next pivotal moment(s) were in the Cranio-Sacral workshops. These brought an understanding of the way in which the energy of overwhelm, emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, is handled and stored by the body. The big realization was that the body held the negatives, while the brain held the feel goods, the opiates. The final pivotal moment was when I realized the value of the cranial rhythm, which, when combined with the energy cones gave extremely accurate measurements of the progress of energy cyst elimination.

As well as being a great stand-alone technique the system combines fantastically well with other existing approaches in Energy Psychology. Which are your tools of choice when working with ECT?

I raise feelings in the body using the energy cone technique, and eliminate them with EMO. Any technique can be used to remove these feelings, including Journeying, basic perception and dialoguing, but EMO is the easiest, most client friendly method of all. I have only used another technique a very few times, usually because of client resistance.

You were asked to present at the ACEP conference in California recently - how did ECt go down the other side of the pond?

The Americans went wild for ECT. It was the instantness of it that appealed most to them. You know how Americans love speedy results. I had the biggest breakout session of all 50 breakout sessions, with over 60 attendees. We went well into lunch time, but nobody left before the end. I have been promised that if I apply again for next year 2007, I will be selected.

I hear you're set to present a second workshop on ECT in the UK later this year with Practitioner Trainings to follow. What are your hopes for the future of ECT?.

I feel that in a very few years ECT in one form or another will be the standard intervention used by most therapists. EMO combined with ECT is all one needs, the perfect match. I will be presenting another ECT workshop in Worksop on Monday August 28 th. I hope to have the ECT accredited, insured and then have practitioner workshops. When accredited I hope to bring the technique to the US.

And finally, if you were to be remembered for one quote, what would it be?

ECT works wonders, quickly, easily and permanently. We change the way we feel, to change the way we think, we change the way we think to change the way we choose, so we can make better, more informed decisions.

Thank you for your time Tom and for sharing this brilliant technique with the rest of the world!