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Energy Cone Technique

How the Energy Cone Technique (ECT) works

The Energy Cone Trchnique instantly accesses the energy of trauma held in the body. Trauma is stored in the body as “energy cysts”. (trapped energy).

ECT brings the cysts to awareness with a light gentle touch, then releases the trapped energy. It does this by reversing the process by which the trauma entered the body.

It follows the 2nd law of thermodynamics which states that energy goes from organized to the disorganized and it takes organized energy to reverse the process.

The skin and light clothing are regarded as the outer physical limit of the brain. When we touch the skin the brain must respond, and brings up feelings in the body that resonate with the energy of the touch.

When the feelings manifest themselves, any therapy of choice may be used to remove them. Touching the hand is usually the most effective way of accessing these “cysts”.

When using the palm it is much more effective if the chosen therapy does not involve letting the client’s hand go. The energy of the trauma can be monitored by the therapists finger tip as it leaves the body.

Trauma can also be accessed by using the energy of a client’s own words to bring feelings up, by a method called Basic Perception, or First meaning. Ordinary words may be imbued with trauma because their very first meaning was encoded in the unconscious at a time of trauma.

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