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Energy Cone Technique

Energy Cone Technique

A very simple and profoundly effective
energy healing method.

Originated by Tom Wynn, Dublin, Ireland
Now available for Certified Training by Ray Manning

Welcome, I hope you will enjoy finding out about the newest addition to the energy healing and energy psychology field - Energy Cone Technique. This technique is my passion.

Here you can find out what the Energy Cone Technique is all about and how it works. It is a very simple, gentle and non-invasive technique, yet producing profound results in releasing negative emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Energy Cone Technique is an incredible, but simple technique that stimulates the system into raising feelings in the body. We then eliminate them with a technique of choice. It is a simple direct approach to healing. Once we can feel it, we can change it, thus freeing ourselves from the restrictions of negative emotions.

Energy Cone Technique can be applied to consciously acknowledged problems, but more often than not it is applied to the unknown and unacknowledged issues that lie beneath all manner of our problems from stress, distress, self esteem issues, phobias and traumas, and much more besides.

The Energy Cone Technique is beautifully simple to learn and practice because it is entirely natural, following the direct evidence of physiological feedback. It is an experientially based system for you to develop your natural skills. It may also be used as a self help tool. The Energy Cone Technique may be used alone, or in conjunction with other techniques.

Love light and abundance be your comfort,


Tom Wynn

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EnergyCone.com Website Upgraded

EnergyCone.com Website Upgraded

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